November 5, 2010

colorful baby nursery

such a cute, colorful nursery by Screamy Mimi. i LOVE her handmade crochet ball mobile! and there is a tutorial for the granny stripe baby blanket.

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  1. I am in love.

  2. What a clever nursery! I love this!

  3. this nursery is amazing. i want to recreate it for ezra, who's due on the scene in 5 short weeks. he'll probably have to wait for something this spectacular, though.

  4. I love it! I absolutely adore that wall art though 🙂 Makes me wish I had babies again, I'd totally make those posters. Love the sayings, too clever!

  5. Wow. I wish I'd seen these pictures before my girls were born. I love the crocheted blanket, the mobile, THAT RUG! And the chalk board paint is such a clever idea.

  6. So fresh and adorable! What a fun nursery

  7. freaking adorable!!!

  8. Hi all! Thanks for the great feedback on our daughter's nursery! I just wanted to let anyone interested know that I have opened a little etsy shop, selling, amongst other things, the blanket and mobile from Maeve's room. Check it out here:

  9. smitten with this!
    oh my goodness. what a fun space for a kid.

    Also, where did she get those prints? too fun.

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