October 7, 2010

Candy Corn Wreath

did you see the candy corn wreath on the front of Woman’s Day? i thought that i would never have the patience to try this…it looked way too time consuming….and then i saw that Karly of Jellybean Junkyard did try this project and her wreath turned out amazing! she used black ribbon instead of duck tape and it only took her an hour!

wow, now i am tempted!!

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  1. I'm going to be searching for fake candy cane candy today! That does look awesome… BUT it wouldn't last until next year 🙁 I bet it'd melt with the sun shining on the front door too, b/c halloween isn't always cool weather for us.

  2. Super cute! My question is the same as previous poster's. I wonder if it'll keep until next season? If not, its a lot of work for a one-time wreath. Love it though.

  3. Loving it! I will defiantly have to try this, it really pops!

  4. Thanks for the feature! For the questions above: I used a clear gloss spray paint and used MANY coats. My neighbor used mod podge on hers and that worked too. When we had a rainy day, hers did fall apart, which is why she RE-DID it using the mod podge. So far, so good. Right before the rain, we were having 113 degree days and it held up with no problem!!! Weird SO CAL weather!
    btw…i am in love with your kids rooms and need you to come helo me with mine!

  5. A long time ago I made a wreath with hard peppermint candies, then it was put in oven to melt a little. Next I knew I had small ants going up the wall……….You did a great job, nice post thanks, Andi

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