August 6, 2009

Featured DIY – Mason’s Mobile

Thank you to Tegan for sharing her son’s adorable diy mobile! visit her blogs, and

Since we moved (yes, again) I’ve been slowly working on Mason’s room. He will actually have a cute, coordinated, fun nursery one of these days very soon. One of my projects was to make a mobile inspired by the circles in his Target Dwell Studio crib bedding.

As you can imagine, this involved cutting out a lot of circles. I mean a lot. This project took a while but I think the outcome was totally worth it. First I selected paper colors that matched the colors of the bedding, then I traced (and traced… and traced…) about 200-1 1/2″ circles.

The circles are strung on fishing line suspended from a 12″ embroidery loop which I painted brown (the accent color from the walls.) You could probably use a sewing machine to connect the circles but our new house is small and I’m noisy enough on my own, without the machine. I used tape to attach the circles to the fishing line and was able to work on it while sitting in the living room watching TV with Tage in the evenings.

There ended up being 19 strings with anywhere from 8 to 13 circles attached. The photo above is Mason’s view of the mobile. The finished mobile was hung on Saturday and Mason found it highly entertaining! Of course that meant he wasn’t interested in going to sleep either…

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  1. beautiful nursery ideas!

  2. This is adorable! I don't have a baby but I think this would be cute in my art room!

  3. Thanks! And Angela, I actually hung the mobile on the top of a floor lamp while I wasn't working on it and it was super cute– you could totally use this in lieu of a chandelier too.

  4. I make these as well, but mine are a little different – check it out

    they take awhile to make but super cute when hung

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