May 13, 2009

ETSY CONTEST! Coco’s Greenhouse Jewelry


Attention all readers… In this Contest you have a chance to win your choice of jewelry from
The winner can choose any piece of jewelry in the shop! Here are just a few of the gorgeous items in Coco’s Greenhouse:

Buy Handmade

Visit Coco’s Greenhouse to see so many more beautiful pieces of jewelry.

* Become a follower of Spearmint Baby, if you are not one already.

* Visit Coco’s Greenhouse, pick your favorite piece of jewelry from her shop, and post it in the comments below before Midnight EST on Tuesday, May 19th. (Duplicate entries will not count). Winner must have a US or Canadian mailing address!

* The winner will be randomly selected (from and announced on this website on Wednesday, May 20th. Please check back to see if you won! The winner will need to contact to provide name and shipping address.

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Comments (125)

  1. I am already a follower!

  2. It is hard to pick a favorite, I have to say I am torn between the Lotus Ring Necklace in brass and the Noir Garden Necklace!


  3. I like the autumn rose bracelet.

  4. I love the Twilight Flight Necklace. Purple is my favorite color 😀
    I am also a follower!

    TheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com

  5. The Pearly Birds Necklace is my favorite!
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  6. follower

  7. Chocolate Garden Necklace is my favorite love the way it sits and the versatility of the color mrs.mommyyatgmail,dotcom

  8. I am a follower.

  9. I love this one: Amber Honey Bee Necklace

  10. These are BEAUTIFUL! I would choose the autumn rose bracelet. Gorgeous.

  11. Hi again.
    I’m already a follower!
    I think my fave has to be the yes or no double necklace. Some really cute stuff here!

  12. My favorite is the Flutter Locket Toggle Necklace with the purple glass flowers.

  13. I am a follower. I love the Lotus Ring Necklace!

  14. i am a new follower. I love the Yellow Pansy Garden Necklace the best!

  15. i follow!i like the boho poppy necklace!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  16. Those were all so great. Not fair we only got to choose one. I have to say that my fav was the Almost Home necklace. I love the styles you have. If possible, I would by almost all of them.

  17. I follow.
    It’s so hard to choose a single favorite, they’re all so pretty.
    I like the woodland morning necklace – brass.

  18. I follow!


  19. I love the Dancing Flower Earrings!

    They are gorgeous!


  20. I like the garden romance earrings. I love some of the stuff on there, I may be a new customer!

  21. I am a follower- and i love the dragonfly locket!

  22. New follower.
    I love her necklaces! Especially the Boho Poppy Necklace.

  23. I subscribed and Boho Poppy Necklace is my favorite.

  24. I really love the Yes or No Double Necklace

  25. Oh! I adore her Drop of the Sea Necklace. Perfect!

  26. And I’m a spearmintbaby follower 🙂

  27. Oops, meant to add, aquamarine’s my birthstone.

  28. I love the Woodland Morning Necklace.

    lilacbutterfly [at]

  29. My favorite is the Poppies in the Wind necklace. It’s so stylish. And my last name means ‘poppy’ in German. ^_^


  30. I follow!

  31. I love the Almost Home necklace! So sweet! Thanks for the giveaway!

    luvmybabyblue [at]

  32. I am a follower and I love the Chocolate Garden Necklace the most. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  33. tough to decide – think it’s the Midnight Flight Necklace

  34. Great shop…I immediately added it to my favorites! I love the brass lotus earrings and also the bohemian garden necklace.

  35. awesome shop! Love the blue nectar necklace!

  36. i LOOOVE the Soaring Swallow bracelet! i would get it for my mom!

  37. I love the Noir Garden Necklace. It’s so romantic looking!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  38. I love all of her earrings, but the Boho Birds Earrings are one of my favorites.

  39. Follower!

    contact me at:

  40. My favorite is The Poppies in the Wind necklace!
    But – I love everything!! I just might change my ind if I win!!

    contact me at:

  41. I’m torn between a few, but I keep going back to the brown cameo necklace. I think I’d like it better if it were 18″ though.

  42. i love the Flutter Locket Toggle Necklace.
    i follow


  43. Little Wildflower Earrings – Silver
    Little Wildflower E…
    CocosGreenhouse $13.00 USD

    These Wildflower Earrings are a wonderful shade of blue!
    Ruth Engleson

  44. Spring Rose Bracele…
    CocosGreenhouse $19.00 USD

    Autumn Rose Bracele…
    CocosGreenhouse $19.00 USD

    Both of these bracelets are just wonderful colors.
    Can not decide which is prettier.

  45. follower

  46. I love: Almost Home necklace

  47. Wow! I love them all. The lotus ring necklace or the noir garden necklace or the fire flower are my favs.

  48. The Yellow Pansy Garden Necklace is gorgeous! Love all the pieces.

  49. I loved the silver lotus ring set UNTIL I saw the brass one with the green bead! Then that became my absolute favorite!

    tracyanneroberts at yahoo dot com

  50. I love the Heaven Sent bracelet. 🙂 But all the pieces are gorgeous!

    jaclyn . cancelliere at g mail dot com 🙂

  51. The yes or no necklace is awesome!! Thanks for the chance.

  52. I love the Chocolate Garden Necklace. It is so pretty!!


  53. follower 🙂


  54. I’m in love with two necklaces: Flutter Locket Toggle Necklace and the Garden Song Necklace in Pink.

  55. I am a new follower 🙂

  56. I like the Drop of the Sea necklace

  57. I’m a new follower and absolutely love your style. My favorite is the chocolate garden necklace.

  58. I like the Soaring Swallow Bracelet the best!

    tmmylm at gmail

  59. I’m a follower 🙂

  60. I love the Purple Pansy necklace…beautiful!

  61. I am following your blog.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. It’s SO tough to pick a favorite…this beautiful work is just so unique! I really do love the Enchanted Garden Locket and the Lotus Ring Necklace.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  63. I am a new follower.
    I really love the Rose Blossom Necklace – Green
    That is so gorgeous! Thank you!

  64. The Autumn Rose bracelet is divine. The colors and combination of smooth jade and cold metal look so pretty together….

    I pick that one:)


  65. I forgot to mention I’m a follower!


  66. The Little Wildflower Earrings are such a wonderful color of blue.

  67. I love them all. I really like the lotus ring, and the alpha rose necklace.Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. 1) Follower
    2) The Baroque Bee is my favorite

  69. Follower and the Boho Poppy Necklace is my favorite.

  70. The Pearly Birds Necklace is my favorite!

  71. I’m a new follower =)


  72. I absolutely love the Rose Blossom necklace! Beautiful!! God’s Blessings to all….

  73. I really NEED the chocolate garden necklace!!

    ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

  74. I like the Garden Song earring. Thanks.


  75. I absolutely love the Purple Haze Earrings! Thanks for the contest!! 🙂

  76. I follow! 🙂

  77. I’m following your blog. I love her Twilight Flight Earrings and she says they can be made with dragonflies also and that sounds wonderful! Thank you!

  78. I follow your blog.

  79. I like the Yellow Pansy Garden Necklace. I think it would be really sweet on my daughter.

  80. Hey! I absolutely love the Moon Struck Lariat, it is so delicate and elegant! Good luck to everyone!

  81. Love, love the gorgeous, stunning jewelry at Coco’s Greenhouse Etsy Shop!! As I began to scan down the first page I found myself wanting to see more and more! So hard to pick one favorite, they all are so unique and each one carries with it a magical presence! If I had to pick just one it is the Drop of the Sea Necklace, I immediately said wow out loud when I saw this beauty! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  82. I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  83. Once they caught my eye, I knew – the (pink) Garden Song Earrings! 🙂

  84. This was such a hard choice!! I think my favorite is the Yes or No Double Necklace though. 🙂
    kkondek at

  85. blog follower and i like the Pearly Birds Necklace

  86. I would love to win the LOTUS RING necklace-it’s exquisite!!!!

  87. I am a fairly recent follower! Love this site!

    hmm. she makes such fabulous jewelry, it is so hard to decide… If I had to choose one, it would be Chocolate Garden Necklace.

  88. I am a follower. I would love to have the Midnight Flight Necklace!

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  89. I like the Lotus ring necklace! Thanks

    hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

  90. i am a follower!!

    nicolemarielum at

  91. i lvoe Noir Garden Necklace!!

    ericaloves at

  92. I’m a follower

    I like Bloom Ring in purple


  93. I’m following your blog!
    I would love to have the Dragonfly’s Locket! Gorgeous!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  94. I follow your blog and I really like the Chocolate Garden Necklace! So beautiful!

    wordsmoveme at gmail dot com

  95. I follow your blog.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  96. Such a tough choice…there are so many great pieces! I believe my favorite is the Enchanted Garden Locket.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  97. Christina – – I love the Boho Poppy Necklace!

  98. I’d choose the autumn rose bracelet. It’s got such great colors.

  99. i LOVE the lotus ring necklace

  100. Purple Pansy is what I like and I am now following.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  101. I love the Garden Song Earrings!

  102. Poppies in the Wind Bracelet is so different. It is my favorite. thanks for letting us enter contest.
    seedbeader on twitter

  103. following your blog as klp1965

  104. i love the Lotus Ring – White

  105. The Chocolate Garden Necklace is gorgeous. I would absolutely love it!

  106. I’m following!
    Pewter Rose Bracelet


  107. I love the Amber Honeybee necklace or the Fire Flower necklace. Too close to call! Thanks!

  108. I follow your blog.

  109. I am following!

  110. I love the way she designs her jewelry! It’s impossible to pick a favorite but I do really love the Sterling Lotus ring necklace and the Bowtiful hoop earrings are completely adorable!

  111. I love the Pearly Birds Necklace!

  112. I love the Boho Poppy Necklace.

  113. Very pretty jewelry! I love the nice silver Little Wildflower Earrings.
    Thank you for the nice giveaway.

  114. The jewelry is gorgeous! I love the bird motif. My favorite piece is the Garden Song Necklace in pink. Oh, so pretty!

  115. I’m a follower. I love the pretty Almost Home necklace!

  116. I love the beautiful Pearly Birds Necklace!

  117. I am a follower

  118. I love the Cherry Blossom Necklace!

    So pretty!

  119. I love the Lotus Ring – White

  120. The Lotus Ring Necklace is very pretty!

  121. following your blog as klp1965

  122. i love the Almost Home necklace

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